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Partnerships and Projects

Client 7


Entrepeneur in Action

Bill Harris, former CEO of PayPal, Intuit and Personal Capital, is always active in the FinTech space.  Frederick and Bill partnered together to assess the market for another breakthrough B2B service.  Crosby MarketWize Consulting analyzed the space, providing insights into the competitive space and deliverying insights into product, pricing and monetization.

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Defining a Category Maker

Narrativ has been leading a revolution on how retailers and publishers approach the recommendation space.  Once clogged with inefficient one-off deals, the recommendation space has been transformed by Narrativ's technology to bring paid-marketing-like efficiency and high ROI to the quickly growing channel.  Narrativ retained Crosby MarketWize Consulting to help evolve their message and better articulate their tremendous value to their customers. Together, the partnership enabled a clearer message, a clearer target market and an improved sales acquisition channel to further accelerate growth. logo.jpeg


Serving the Global SMB is the leader in SMB payment automation and has seen its customer base grow rapidly over a number of years. With SMBs becoming more global in their business, successfully launched international payments in 2017 to meet customer demand.  This year, teamed with Crosby Marketwize Consulting to review trends and performance in international payments, leveraging years of experience in cross-border commerce and payments to evolve pricing, product flows and other areas of improvement.  The partnership hopes to give further help in making its service world-class.

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